Friday, July 27, 2012

Spotlight on Arte Italica

If you haven't had a chance yet to take a gander at our Arte Italica tableware you are surely missing out!  The Crystal Plate has featured the line for quite some time, but the company recently introduced a few new patterns that we are just itching to share.  We know you will love them as much as we do.

The beauty of these pieces lies in their easy elegance.  The different lines effortlessly blend together, allowing you to mix and match to keep things fresh and exciting.   You can also rest assured that were you to decide to add to your tableware collection at a later point that the new pieces would seamlessly fit into the collection you already own.

Below are just a few pieces that we offer here at the store...

The Bella Bianca pattern features these stunning
chargers that are as unique as they are

Another charger pattern...

Also in the Bella Bianca pattern are mugs and saucers
that showcase various patterns.  Pick one favorite look
or mix it up with a few different looks.

The popular Merletto pattern is offered in 
blue, white and chocolate.  The intricate lace pattern that adorns these
pieces makes it possible for them to be used as everyday
dinnerware and on special occasions.

The Amorini pattern is peppered with various 
colors of wild flowers.  Pinks, greens, and purples all 
make an appearance.

Rosone is the pattern most recently added
to our iventory.  The vibrant yet classic blue color
adds the perfect touch in our opinion.

On the left is the Tuscan pattern that combines the ceramic plate
with the company's signature pewter trim. The Splendore pattern on the right
is made from mouth blown glass swirled with white and
finished off with an iridescent glaze.

Similar to Splendore is the Tesoro pattern that features
the same pewter beaded rim but without the 
metallic glaze.  A twist on the classic!

Want to see more photos of these patterns?  Hop on over to Arte Italica's website to see more pieces and details. 

Or better yet come see them here in person!

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Sneak Peak

Hopefully you've already read the first part of our Sneak Peak mini-series from Wednesday.  If not, you can check it out here.   We have so many great items coming in that we wanted to share and they just won't fit all into one post.

Today we're showcases a few more Christmas pieces that will be making their way to our store here within the next few weeks.  They won't be up for grabs until October, but you can go ahead and be picking our your favorites.  But we're guessing you'll love each of them so much you won't be able to choose a favorite!

These adorable jingle bells come in both silver
and a beautiful copper color.  Use them to adorn your tree or
to jazz up your mantel or table centerpiece.

Wrap it pretty!  Usually ribbon is used as a finishing accent,
but these beautifully patterned styles can certainly hold their own.

This gorgeous garland is sure to lend a festive
touch to your home.  This particular style could be left
up and admired past Christmas and all throughout 
the winter months as well.

What better way to give your guests the ultimate
holiday greeting than to affix this stylish and festive reindeer
to your door?  He will also be coming in a red color as well.

Continuing the copper trend, we will be selling these
beautiful tree ornaments.

And to complement the above trees we also ordered
these start ornaments.  The detailing is absolutely beautiful.

Miniature pines wrapped up in burlap!  Buy one or
buy a few to cluster together.

A slightly similar feel can be achieved with these
multi-sized topiaries.  You can't quite see it in the picture,
but each topiary is topped with a bit of snow.

This last feature isn't exactly a Christmas item, but is something
that can absolutely be given as a Christmas gift.  We have carried these Wild Olive Italian
Pottery pieces for quite a while and are so excited
about this new greige (gray/beige) color that is 
being rolled out.

Make sure to keep all of these items in mind as the holiday season draws near!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Coming Soon!!

Our apologies for being quiet this past Friday.  Normally we would do a post, but we were on a The Mart!  We were there for a total of four days selecting everything from new serving pieces to Christmas items to children's clothes.  The original plan was to stream photos on Facebook as we went, but the lack of service inside hampered our efforts.

To say we are thrilled with the new items we selected would be quite an understatement.  We can only hope that you love them as much as we do.  Some of the items will be in as early as next month, while some of the Christmas items will not make their debut until mid-October.  Can you wait that long???  We're not sure we can either.

Below is just a sneak peak of some of the pieces we will be adding to the store.  We took too many snaps to squeeze them all into one post, so we'll cover the rest of them in our regular Friday blog.  There are many, many more to come, so stay tuned for other previews!

Juliska has done it again.  We are always taken back by the absolutely
gorgeous pieces they introduce with each new season.  For Christmas, they have
designed a play on their Country Estate pattern and will be offering
the below piece featuring a festive red color.  And because these items
aren't strictly Christmas themed, you can use them all throughout
the winter months.

Also in the new red pattern are individual ceramic candles.  Each candle comes 
wrapped in a similarly printed box complete with a ribbon.  
Our thoughts?  What a perfect gift!

Juliska has tackled the dinnerware world and now they are
extending their offerings to your furry family members as well.  Let
Fido dine in style alongside you with his very own
ceramic berry and thread patterned dog bowl set.  Scoop one up for
your own pet or for an animal lover friend.

In an effort to offer a few more home decor items, we ordered several
of these beautiful pottery pieces from Skyros.  We believe the cream color
will prove to be extremely versatile while the beautiful pattern adorning
the pottery keeps it fresh and unique.

We've seen many a glass dome, but we have yet to see one
with a precious bird atop.  Use this piece to cover
cakes, cookies, pies and other goodies in style.  

Looking for a fun and functional gift?  These beautiful ruffled
baskets come complete with a set of champagne glasses.  Add your
favorite bottle of wine and you've got a gift that is sure to
leave a lasting impression.  This basket can be used as decor or as a serving
piece for the next holiday bash.

We fell in love with all of these copper pieces.  From the stocking hangers to 
the Christmas tree candle pillars, these pieces are traditional, yet cozy and will
add the perfect festive flair to your mantel.

The stocking are hung, the tree is lit, but what about Little Miss 
Sugar Plum?  Deck her out in this one of a kind ensemble 
that is sure to put her in the Christmas spirit!

A burlap bow adorns these beautiful wood picture frames.  Add a
photo of your own for a personal and thoughtful gift.

More to come!!  

Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Picks ~ Designs by Beverly

We hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July and enjoyed some great fun and great food alongside loved ones!  We certainly enjoyed the (slightly) milder weather here in Gainesville that gave us a chance to get outside and soak up some sun.

We realize we've brought you some features on new baby and children's items here at The Crystal Plate in a few previous blog posts, but we couldn't help but revisit the topic just because these new items are so incredibly adorable.  If you missed our last two posts you can check them out here and here.

Designs by Beverly does it again with this fun summery top complete with a picnic theme.  The bow on this top pins on, making it a breeze to wash.  The absence of the feminine bow would also rework this item in such a way that it could be worn by boys as well.

Adorable ants taking part in a
picnic theme

Remember the bee hive dress from one of our previous posts?  A similar design has now been added to this top for a slightly more casual look that's still sweet as honey.

Also from Designs by Bevelry are these handy and convenient, yet still stylish as ever, wet bags.  These bags feature a cloth outside and lined inside that seals in liquids.  These large pouches are perfect for bathing suits or shirts that suffered the fate of a grape juice spill.

Throw them in the washing machine and dryer afterwards for a quick and easy cleanup.

Have a wonderful weekend and make sure to stop by the blog next week for more featured items!