Friday, July 20, 2012

A Sneak Peak

Hopefully you've already read the first part of our Sneak Peak mini-series from Wednesday.  If not, you can check it out here.   We have so many great items coming in that we wanted to share and they just won't fit all into one post.

Today we're showcases a few more Christmas pieces that will be making their way to our store here within the next few weeks.  They won't be up for grabs until October, but you can go ahead and be picking our your favorites.  But we're guessing you'll love each of them so much you won't be able to choose a favorite!

These adorable jingle bells come in both silver
and a beautiful copper color.  Use them to adorn your tree or
to jazz up your mantel or table centerpiece.

Wrap it pretty!  Usually ribbon is used as a finishing accent,
but these beautifully patterned styles can certainly hold their own.

This gorgeous garland is sure to lend a festive
touch to your home.  This particular style could be left
up and admired past Christmas and all throughout 
the winter months as well.

What better way to give your guests the ultimate
holiday greeting than to affix this stylish and festive reindeer
to your door?  He will also be coming in a red color as well.

Continuing the copper trend, we will be selling these
beautiful tree ornaments.

And to complement the above trees we also ordered
these start ornaments.  The detailing is absolutely beautiful.

Miniature pines wrapped up in burlap!  Buy one or
buy a few to cluster together.

A slightly similar feel can be achieved with these
multi-sized topiaries.  You can't quite see it in the picture,
but each topiary is topped with a bit of snow.

This last feature isn't exactly a Christmas item, but is something
that can absolutely be given as a Christmas gift.  We have carried these Wild Olive Italian
Pottery pieces for quite a while and are so excited
about this new greige (gray/beige) color that is 
being rolled out.

Make sure to keep all of these items in mind as the holiday season draws near!!

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