Friday, August 17, 2012

Now Carrying Aden + Anais

If you yourself have welcomed a little one into the world recently, or if you have a friend who has, you have probably heard of Aden + Anais.  If not, let us have the pleasure of introducing you.....

Aden + Anais designs swaddles, sleep sacks and other accessories that are made out of muslin.  Muslin is a delicate, yet durable fabric that has just a bit of stretch.  It is ideal for swaddling newborns because it keeps them feeling secure without being too restrictive.  It provides comfort and warmth without letting the baby overheat.

Each piece from the Aden + Anais line is not only functional, but fashionable as well.  We're a little partial to a few of the designs ourselves and we have no doubt you will quickly find a few favorites of your own.

Below is a quick overview of some of the company's unique products that are available at The Crystal Plate ~

Swaddling is ideal for newborns because it mimics the cozy and secure environment of the 
womb.  Our favorite thing about these beautiful pieces is that they could double 
as a pashmina or scarf when not being enjoyed by your little one.

The swaddles come in packs of four, with each swaddle
featuring a different pattern.

We love the gorgeous pink and gray pattern on
this particular swaddle.

Sleep Sacks
Endorsed by the Foundation for Sids, these sleep bags provide a peaceful and safe environment for your little one each night.  We carry two different designs of these 
bags:  one with a single layer of muslin and then a second with four layers of the fabric.

We're quite taken with this giraffe print, which would
be perfect for either a little boy or girl. 

Blue star and elephants....

and pink medallions and sweet bees

Burpy Bibs
These two in one items double as both a bib and a burp cloth.  Burpy bibs come
in packs of two and feature double sided prints on each one.

Come take a peek here at the store!  We have several patterns and sizes in each of these items.

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