Friday, April 6, 2012

Registry Basics

You've got the ring on your finger and are ready to begin one of the most fun activities of the engagement period:  registering for gifts!  While very exciting, this can also be incredibly overwhelming.

Where do you start?  How much do you register for?  And which china pattern are you supposed to choose when there are over 100 on display???  It's a enough to make even the most sane bride's head spin.

Below are a few tips to consider when building your registry that will hopefully assist in the process....

The Basics
~ Registry early!  As soon as your hubby-to-be pops the question you can bet that some family and friends will begin the search for that perfect gift.  Go ahead and register sooner rather than later so that they have something to choose from.
~ Register together.  Your fiance very well may not care about the pattern of your china, but he might he might want to pick out a few grilling accessories.  What one person might miss, the other will likely catch.
~ Register for more than you need.  You might be surprised at how quickly gifts get picked up from your registry and this way your guests will have plenty of options left even if they wait until the last minute to do their gift buying.
~Update your registry as needed.  As you receive gifts, you may find that you don't need other items on your registry.  This will save you the headache of having to return items.
~ Keep an eye on your registry for accuracy.  If a loved one purchased an item for you in-store, it may not have been recorded on your online registry.  Contact the store if this happens to avoid receiving multiples of one item.

Choosing Stores

~ Make sure and register at more than one store.  Ideally at least one of these stores would have an option to purchase online (for guests out of town), while at least one other would have a physical storefront (where a guest could select a gift in person).
~ Ask about the store's return policy.  It's better to know up front if a store has certain restrictions (i.e. exchanges only, returns within 30 days, etc) on the front end.

Picking out Specific Items
~ Take a look at what you already have.  Already have a great blender?  Then register for something else that you don't already own.
~ Along those same lines, consider what you want to upgrade.  Yes, you very well may have a blender that works just fine, but if you're really itching for that new model with 6 speeds go ahead and register for it.
~ What will you truly use?  The shiny new KitchenAid stand mixer may sound wonderful, but if the most baking you've ever done involved a can of Pillsbury biscuit dough then you're probably never going to use it.

The Ever Present Price Range
~ Make sure to choose gifts within a good range of prices.  Go ahead and register for that lovely $200 crystal punch bowl, but also make sure to add the $14 napkins rings as well.  This way your guests can choose a gift you love no matter their budget.
~ Don't shy away from big ticket items.  You might not have one guest splurge on that $400 grill, but you very well may have a group of several friends who want to go in together on such an item.

Happy Registering!  If you're in the Gainesville area, make sure to stop by the Crystal Plate to do so!

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